About Ann Biederman's jewelry

Ann has been designing and creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry for over 40 years.  Each piece is painstakingly thought out, laid out, arranged and rearranged until her eye is happy with the result.  She then begins the arduous task of creating each piece herself in her studio.  Gold is alloyed to 22k, 21k, electrum, rolled into sheet and wire.  A day is set aside for alloying the gold, making sheet and wire and another day for granule perparation.

The techniques are ancient, the pieces often resemble something found on an archelogical dig. Finished pieces are most frequently left in a rather raw state to resemble and feel like finds from ancient cultures of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Bzantium and Mesopatonia.  

And then the more "modern" ... pieces fabricated by the artists hand

in mixed metals.  Again using mostly ancient techniques to create works of art.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind as they are all made by her.  She selects stones, amulets, beads and pearls with an eye for the old, the unusual and the powerful.


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